Thursday, October 27, 2011

Children's Miracle Network Medal Ceremony Clip from WTOC

I know I need to update the page regarding our amazing trip to Florida and Washington. There is still so much to process and my heart is beginning to ache because I am missing so many wonderful people we met and got to know over the past week. So anyway, this is a news story Mike Manhatton from WTOC-11 filmed of our medal ceremony.

Children's Miracle Network meeting

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Made It!

After months of planning and stressing, we have made it to Orlando. And now we have been able to connect with families we have been taking with via facebook for the past 9 months. All we can say is WOW. Dynamic kids, dynamic families.

This is such an awesome experience and we have only been here 5 hours. The wonderful people from CMN and Disney are the most brilliant people I have met to date. Knowing that we would all come in dragging from flying from all over the country, they had a wonderful area set up for the kids to play and have a good time while the adults ironed out the details. And Matthew was able to show everyone why we call him "Hurricane". Just imagine a bowling set as tall as he is (3 foot) and a wound up 3 year old. Mayhem ensued but it was a blast to watch. There was also a tall Jenga set and tower of buckets that stood no chance.

All the children we have been able to meet so far are more precious than I can say. All you can do is marvel in the miracles that children's hospitals around our country accomplish every day. It is an honor to be included with the other 52 Champions!

Here is the view from our room at the Contemporary:

Tonight all we had the energy to do was go downstairs to eat and then we watched the fireworks from our room. (That alone is an experience of a lifetime!)

Here is what happened 5 minutes later:

We cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. (Other than more of those fabulous chocolate covered cashew clusters they have downstairs. Evil I tell you!)